Sunday, May 25, 2008

Families Merging in Moab

I finished my Masters degree last December but I just walked in the commencement ceremony at the University of Utah. My mom flew from Portland to celebrate with us and since she has never been anywhere in Utah but Salt Lake City we decided to take a trip South. Oliver's parents, his brother, my mom, our friend Missy and Oliver and I went to Moab and stayed in a condo for four nights. Check out some of our fun pictures from our great trip!

This is our stellar fridge from our condo...Can you say old school?

This is a six year old kid standing at the top of a cliff all by himself. When he yelled down to his mom, instead of her being terrified that he is over 250 feet up from the ground on a ledge, she todl him to stand still so that she could take his picture. I might make a bad mom, because I would not be allowing my child up there all alone.

We all climbed delicate arch, here we all are at the top (Oliver's parents came too, they just aren't in the pic).

Our mom's hiking away! We love them both.

Here we are all falling out of the arch - help we're trying to hang on...

Do you see the face?

Oliver is standing on top of the arch, can you see him? Taylor was up there too - it was his goal to be on top of an arch before our trip ended - but he ran away to explore before I took the picture.

Here we are looking at some ancient petroglyphs...

And checking out the spectacular views sitting under an arch in Canyonlands National Park.

And then we headed to check out Dead Horse Point State Park - it is a very sad tale how it got its name, but a nice view either way.

Check back later to see our pictures from Easter, Wicked and Los Angeles...

Oh, and one last picture of me in my cap and gown, it is what we were celebrating on our trip.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our First Post

So we decided to get with the times and keep everyone posted as to what is happening in our lives. Oliver is not one for posting and so it is likely that I will do most of the updating. We figure, since we right a monthly summary for his family newsletter, that blogging isn't that big of a leap and this way we can add pictures too! So get ready for some fun and adventure - or at least a little vicarious fun and adventure - and keep us updated about you too.