Monday, February 21, 2011

The Star of the Wedding

Addison was the star of the Hansen wedding last Friday...well maybe the bride was "technically". But even the gorgeous bride will agree that Addison was awfully perfect and got quite a bit of attention.
I'll be posting more pictures of the wedding in the days to come...but for now feast on this perfect baby girl...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Cart

Addison is now steady enough to sit in the cart. She has only done so once - but she loved it. It made our Costco trip more enjoyable because she was happy to sit up high and see everything that was going on.
She doesn't love having to stay in her infant seat because she leans back so far that she can't see what's going on and the ceiling only makes a nice view for so long. She's so funny in the cart because she would almost never hold the handle (despite what this picture shows). She would hold her arms out and move them around to gain her balance. It was so cute to watch her work her little arms and legs to keep from falling over. I kept trying to get her to hold the cart handle and this is the only time she did. She might turn out to be just a little independent :)

The Drive

Just a picture that I found of Addison sleeping in the car on our drive up to Oregon. Her wrist/arm roll is my favorite body part and I love how she clutches her sleeping bag liner while she sleeps.
Cute girl (who is actually wearing only a diaper and bib because she was so hot in the car)!

Addison's First Taco Night

It's never a real trip home without a taco night at Suz & Paul's. The family get's together, we have dinner, put the little kids to bed and then play games. Addison was able to go to her first taco night during our Christmas vacation. She was the star of the evening. Her cousin Alec loved to hold her and, despite her stoic face, she really enjoyed herself.
She also spent a lot of good time with her Aunt Kel.
Her cousin Aiden also really wanted to hold her...but his meager three years of experience didn't lend Addison to feeling very confident about his skills. His mom had to pry Addison away from him because he just loved her SO MUCH! But, once she got settled with Aunt Suz, she was feeling a little more comfortable and let Aiden love her from a distance.
She went to bed at their home and then we woke her up to take her home. She was a good girl, as always, and we left with some homemade candy - another staple of a real Christmas!

More Seattle Pics

I didn't post these pictures earlier and just want to document a little more or our Seattle vacation. Here is the standard Pike's Market Place picture. Addison loves to sit on her dad's shoulders because she loves to watch everything that is going on around her. She is so observant and curious. I can't believe that this was taken more than a month ago!
Time sure does fly!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Six Months

I just can't believe how quickly the time passes once you have a child! Addison is the light of our lives and is such a help to our family as we pass through different trials. She brings laughter, happiness and peace to our home. She was born six months ago and the time has just flown. We love her more and more everyday.
Addison is developing so quickly and it is a joy to watch all her new skills. She is sitting like a champion and can play for 10 minutes or more while sitting...but when she falls and bangs her little head she is not pleased about it. We are trying to remember that the floor at church is not cushioned because she screams really loudly when she topples on Sundays and we don't take our boppy for her to fall back on. She can reach for her toys and she loves to play with her toes, shoes and socks. She also rolls from back to front but hasn't decided that she wants to roll the other way.
Addison loves paper! She still puts just about everything in her mouth and she is starting to eat more and more table food. She loves to eat, just like her parents and she now has two teeth. She got her first bottom tooth (the one on the right if you're looking at her face) on Friday, February 4th on the bottom left tooth today. She hasn't had any trouble teething, at least not the nightmares you hear from some people, just a general fussiness, irritability and drooling.
Addison almost doubled her birth weight - right on schedule. She went to the doctor today and weighs 16 pounds, 12 ounces (8 lb 7 ounces when born) and is 26.1 inches long. She has a 17" noggin and is such a social butterfly! She loves people and to smile at them when they acknowledge her. She is getting a little stranger anxiety and would prefer to love people from mom and dad's arms. We love our little girl and enjoy her immensely. She is so fun to play and interact with and it is a joy to make her giggle and laugh.
Happy half birthday baby girl!

Six Month Firsts

Like we said Addison is growing in leaps and bounds. Because I love to blog, their are pictures of many of her milestones. She loves to have music time with mom and we regularly sing and play the piano together.
She can even play some of her own compositions - quite skillfully we might add.
She also has mastered the art of sitting up in the tub. This took a little longer than floor sitting because it's pretty slippery...but she is loving the bath more and more.
After she gets out of the bath we used to lay her on her changing table to dry off and get dressed. She would fuss a lot of the time - but the mirror is her friend. We now sit her on the counter to dry off and she plays with the faucet and flirts with the cute girl in the mirror.
Addison has learned to hold her bottle. She will only hold the bottle if she is being held so it hasn't provided any time savings for the parents yet - but progress is being made slowly and surely.
She is also learning that yummy stuff comes from the kitchen. She enjoyed her first blueberry smoothie while sitting on our khaki couch. There aren't any blueberry remnants to prove it but her dad would prefer that we keep eating confined to the kitchen since he is the one that cleans all the messes. She loved every last bite and was sad when it was all gone.
She is growing so quickly and we love her!