Monday, April 30, 2012


I haven't posted to our blog in awhile because I haven't had anything positive to say.  Today isn't a lot different, but that is sometimes how life is so I'm going to start again.  Pictures will be forthcoming - but we broke our camera lens and when I sent it for repair I accidentally sent the SD card with it.  So, for today, here's a tale of dinner-time.

Menu: broccoli/potato soup, grilled chicken (for the husband), watermelon
Prep Time: 50 minutes
Deportment of Child During Prep: whiny and needy - yells: cup, water, milk, blocks, outside, hand (as in come with me), etc
Prep Clean-up: 5 minutes
Deportment of child: unchanged
Time to consume dinner: 10 minutes
Deportment of child during consumption: unsatisfied, yells: yucky, down, all done, no like, play, go, waffle, cheese, water, sticky, etc
Clean-up: 30 minutes
Deportment of child: asleep (thank heavens)

Worth it?  Today - not really.  However, some 15 years from now I might be grateful that we all "ate" dinner together every night - at least that's what all the studies and church talks say.  Currently, I wish we had the budget to eat out everyday!