Monday, January 25, 2010

Yes, this is she.

My cell phone just vibrated at my work desk so I picked it up -

Me: Hello?
Caller: Is this Heidi Hansen?
Me: Yes, this is she.
Caller: This is Wxxxx Bxxxxxxx, a special investigator with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Silence...dead silence...gulp - um - okay...
My brain and stomach go - WHAT THE HECK DID I DO?

She explains why she's callings, sets an appointment to come to my work tomorrow and meet with me, and everything is totally fine and kosher - but why is my guilt complex the first thing to kick in? I'm really not a bad girl, I don't do horrible things - I'm just quick to assume the worst and feel like I'm being hauled off to federal prison.

I seriously have watched to many episodes of 24 and Criminal Minds and Law & Order - I need to stop watching TV and remember I'm a good girl...really, I promise, I am...

(at least my grammar was correct - I tell you I am a good girl)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our World is Changing

I'd say this makes it pretty official - however over the last several weeks I have had no doubt everyday that I am pregnant because of all the throw up :) Today it has a heartbeat of 170 bpm which some are thinking it's a girl because of the rate - but we'll have to wait and see...

The addition is said to be arriving August 4th - give or take whenever the little child feels like coming. My aunt pointed out that it is easier to deal with the constant vomitting then it is to deal with a new child - so I'll be glad for 7 more months of fun and change.

Yeah for our new adventure - we are feeling very blessed and excited!