Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I got a roaster from my in-laws for my birthday. Seeing how I have borrowed theirs three times in the past two years - I was super excited! It is the best way to cook a turkey because then I can still use my oven to make rolls, roasted carrots, pie, sweet potato souffle, etc.
Kyle was just as excited about my gift as I was! Until he got stuck in the box and couldn't get his legs out from under the flaps...
And since we have the cutest nephew you could ask for - here are some more pics. He had to go to the doctor that day and wasn't feeling well but he is the best baby - and you would have barely noticed he wasn't feeling well AT ALL.

And here is our Thanksgiving table with really bad lighting. I'm too lazy to photshop fix it right now - but you get the idea.
We had homemade grape juice, pretzel salad, yummy homemade rolls (which I am still dreaming about), turkey, mashed potatoes (which weren't that good - I messed them up), stuffing, gravy, roasted carrots, a veggie tray, sweet potato souffle and pie! We ate it all on my grandparents wedding china and silver which they gave to Oliver and I as a wedding gift. My grandma never broke one piece in the 60 years they had it! I have had it for two years and so far all is well. We also laugh about how plate sizes were much smaller back then - but for Thanksgiving it turns out not to be a bad thing because my eyes are always bigger than my stomach.
Our dad flew in late on Thanksgiving day so that we could all celebrate with our Utah families that day and then my sister and her family came over on Friday to eat like champions again for our small little family gathering. It was a lot of fun and a whole lot of work. I didn't know that I was barely pregnant and I sure wasn't sick yet so cooking ALL DAY LONG was actually a lot of fun. Hopefully next year my sister and I will be happy to not be pregnant any longer and have a little more energy to get it all done. YUM!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Putting together nursery furniture....

This weekend Oliver and I drove to all sorts of baby stores to look at crib furniture, changing tables, etc. Who knew that people would really spend $500 on a crib? (No offense intended if that's you - I just am saving my money for a sweet rocker!) So, we price matched and compared and then remembered our Gerber friends who bought their nursery in a box 2 years ago. We went to look at them and there are none set up at the store, but I remember thinking that her's was cute and looked functional. So we decided to buy it, take it home and set it up, and then we still have enough time if we end up not liking it to get something different. Plus, you can't find a crib, changing table and dresser for $200 any other way - so our adventure began. All of these pieces are going to turn into a dresser, changing table and crib.
Here is Oliver setting up the crib. We decided to set it up in the living room where we have the most space. I'm sure those of you with experience realize the error in this judgment. Would have been nice to know that it wasn't going to fit through the doorway and into the nursery.... I called my mom at 9:30 that night to tell her it wouldn't fit through the door and she laughed and said she could have told us that 2 hours ago. So we un-assembled it, moved into the nursery, and re-assembled it. (Notice my empty coke slurpee cup in the background - YUM!)
We then set up the changing table, which actually fits perfectly in the hallway bathroom. It's as if they made that extra space just for a changing table.
Fits right behind the door - pretty cool huh?
We might actually go and get another changing table just to have one in the bathroom as well because I really think that we need the changing table for the bedroom. So for now we intend to keep the set (I forgot to take a picture of the dresser) and put our saved money toward something else.

And don't worry, while walking around Babies R Us this weekend we realized that there is always going to be "something else".

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nothing New

So I was scrolling down my blog today and I realized I have 8 followers. Poor followers! They are probably tired of me waiting to post an update about our not exciting lives. So, here is some catch-up from the end of last year that I haven't been able to get to.

I had a birthday at the end of November and my wonderful husband bought me flowers.

Aren't they purty?

I love the hot chili pepper and the warm yummy fall arrangement.

Almost nothing beats fresh flowers!