Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Go Taylor Go!

We have spent a lot of our month supporting our favorite bike rider! Taylor races a lot and we don't make it to every race, but there are some that we enjoy going to every year. The picture above is the race at SugarHouse Park. This one is fun because we get to see him everytime he loops the park. The weather was great!

Then, later in the month, we went to the race where Tay bikes 80 miles from Camas, UT to Evanston, WY. This is the 3rd year he's done it and the 3rd year we've been. Oliver's family has a cabin that is on the route between Camas and Evanston and so we spend the weekend cheering him on and hanging out at the cabin. Above is mom helping him pin on his number.

Before the race the family gathered for a quick picture (dad, mom, Oliver, Taylor, and Emily)

And there is Taylor leading the pack.

And Emily helping carry the bike gear.

Then, the second day there are time trials in the morning and a lap race in the afternoon. They are off to a good start...

In the end, Taylor didn't come in first, but he did well enough to make some money and we had a fantastic weekend with the family!


Tyson Gerber said...

How fun. How is your training going? Still getting up super early?


Emily said...

You failed to mention the real highlight of the stage race...Taylor's first place in the Best Calf Contest. (Judged by highly impartial, unbiased, objective judges.)


P.S. I love your blog! Sorry for Taylor's profane post.

T-MO said...

Man, don't I have the best looking right-hand gal at bike races! By the way Emily was not fully impartial as a judge at the best calves contest.