Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Have You Been To Rome...?

Oliver and I are trying to finalize the details for our trip next May. The last major detail is our hotel selection while we are in Rome. I have been reading online reviews and searching, but we would love some advice from someone who has been...

I have been quite displeased with the reviews I have read because several people have been complaining about the tv channel selection in their hotel rooms. Who cares! You are in Rome! Why are you concerned that there aren't enough English tv channels to choose from? People also complain about the distance from the city center - 15 minutes on the bus is just too long for some people I guess.

So I am looking for a more balanced viewpoint of people that we love and trust - Does anyone have some suggestions where to stay while in Rome?


Charity said...

...or journal writing now for that matter. I am just not a good journal writer. I am working on an email to you about Greece... I'm sort of having a hard time remembering all the things we did, but I will get it to you soon. :) So happy that you are going... wish I could go too.

Miriam said...

I have never been to Rome but how cool! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see all the pictures on your blog! Where else are you going?