Thursday, April 16, 2009

For the first time....I feel....WICKED!

Yep - we saw it!
Yep - it was amazing!
No - it wasn't our first time!
No - I didn't kill mr. wiggles in front of me (even though I really really wanted to)!
Yep - we love Missy for getting our tickets!
Yep - we recommend you see it!

I really think they should have a Wicked sing-a-long that we can all go to because I can barely force myself to sing in my head when I see Wicked! You too, huh?


Melinda said...

I want to see Wicked too! One day. I actually I'm not really familiar with the music because it came out while I was on my mission and so I kind of wasn't here while it first started getting popular. I think I need to buy the album off of I-tunes and then go see it! Thanks for your review!

becky and lance said...

i am so jealous, you have no idea! and YES, i think they do need to have a sing-a-long. i sing it in my car every day. love it!

Kristen said...

oooo, Jealous! I want to see it so bad! BTW, do you have any pictures of the primary kids in our ward? we are trying to put together a video for them. Let me know ASAP! Thanks, your the best!

Charity said...

Yes, a sing-along would be so incredibly awesome! Those songs are so very singable. :)

Deidre said...

We need to see this--I've heard so many good things. Take lots and lots of pictures on your trip. I wish I could stuff myself into a suitcase and come.

Heidi said...

I'm more than jealous still!

Erica said...

I just saw Wicked this weekend! It was SO GOOD!!!