Thursday, September 15, 2011

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So - I'm turning into an online shop-a-holic. Since I have a 1-year old child I have no real desire to go to the store with a child that hates her car seat and is independent and wants to walk everywhere I have been buying my GROCERIES online - and I have to say that I LOVE IT!

I have decided that I personally hate coupons. I feel like it takes up too much of my time and printer ink. Plus, it's horribly frustrating to go the store and have them be out of what I have a coupon for because some woman before me bought 20 bottles of mustard and I only wanted 1! I've tried various grocery sites over the years and am responsible for my families meal planning, making, and grocery shopping. I have stopped cooking from boxed items and I make most things from scratch. I'm not able to buy everything online for a good deal but I buy several non-perishable grocery add-ons through Amazon.

I stop at the grocery store about every 10 days to buy milk, yogurt, and produce. I stop at the lds cannery about once a month to add to my staple items and then I watch sales for other things and stock up when their cheap. In watching sales and learning my prices I have learned that Amazon is sometimes wonderfully competitive to good grocery store deals. Plus, Amazon offers 3 things that the grocery store doesn't - no sales tax, free shipping to my door, and I know if it's in stock without leaving my bed!

In addition, my husband takes a lunch to work just about everyday. Oliver is a creature of habit and has been eating PB&J since 1st grade. That coupled with a piece of fruit, some carrots, a Yoplait yogurt, and a treat make a complete lunch. The treat part is where Amazon comes in (if I was a better wife he'd have homemade cookies or something to take - and he does maybe 2% of the time - so it's the other 98% we're discussing). I have been able to buy cheez-its for $1.50 per box, teddy grahams for $.28 per package, organic fruit snacks, organic crackers, etc. I also buy Kraft Mac&Cheese (because nothing else is as good) for $.48 per box.

The other benefit to amazon shopping, if you aren't going to coupon, is that disposable diapers and wipes are cheaper than anywhere else! They come to my door, I can get one delivered the next day if I'm in a pinch, and I don't have to wait for a Costco coupon. I'll admit that diaper deals are better with coupons and rite-aid rewards, blah, blah, blah but as previously disclosed that's just not for me. We also do cloth diapers 95% of the time and I just need a box is disposables for when we camp or vacation and so I'm interested in convenience. I can get Huggies, delivered and with no sales tax, for cheaper than Kirtland brand with a coupon. That is success!

Anyway, shopping on Amazon has actually lowered my monthly grocery bill even further (which I didn't think was possible) because I'm not tempted to buy other stuff at the store because I just don't walk down any of the aisles. I walk the perimeter and out! It has also added to my food storage (I bought a 12-pack of Skippy Organic PB (Oliver is a PB brand snob) for $1 a jar) and now it's just waiting when I'm ready. If you don't have storage space then maybe this route isn't for you - but I LOVE AMAZON GROCERY SHOPPING!

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Kandis Mortensen said...

You are the 4th person I have recently heard about falling in love with Amazon... I use it for everything else... maybe it's time I fall in line with diaper/groceries too... here's to jumping on the band wagon!