Sunday, September 16, 2012

The State Fair

The State Fair is one of my favorite events of the whole year!  My dad used to take me every year.  With his passing earlier this summer, I have been really looking forward to going and the nostalgia that it is for me.  Well - this bed rest thing really has put a damper on life - and I was especially disappointed that I wouldn't be able to go to the Fair.  Oliver promised to take Addison and they went yesterday.  Oliver is now convinced the best time to go to the Fair is when it opens (at 10).  There weren't any crowds or long lines, it was easy to find FREE parking, they could walk around easily and see everything, and Addison didn't have to wait long for a turn to try different activities.  Plus, as they were leaving about noon, it was starting to get hot and more and more crowded.

In my opinion the best part of the Fair is all the animals up close and personal.  Addison liked some more than others - but mostly she just didn't love the swarming flies around some of the animals. 
Baby cows and big cows.
Freshly washed goats.
They went into the science building and found this huge hands-on bubble activity.  Addison is currently in love with bubbles!  As you can see - she could do it all by herself - which is critical to her loving anything right now.  Oliver said it was so cool that he wanted a turn - but he resisted and let other kids try instead.  She got to play for quite awhile and LOVED it!
Oliver treated Addison to her very first pony ride.  She apparently liked it a little better when he was walking around with her - but he knew how much I would want to see pictures of all their adventures so he did stand to the side for a little while to get pics.  

And - then she was done!  :)  "Daddy off"
This morning she has been telling me all about the cow that she rode yesterday - I guess we'll have to pull up the pictures so she can remember that it was a horse.

In other news - due to all the pregnancy complications - Oliver and I are going to have our newest addition on the 24th - just a few weeks early.  We both think it's weird and wrong to pick your child's due date and we would prefer to leave it to nature - but I would also prefer to get out of bed and get back to normal life (or totally tired, first days of a new baby, adjusting to having two, life).  It won't be the type of delivery we've planned for - but it will bring one healthy baby girl into our family - and ultimately that is the MOST important.  It also allows for my mom to be in town for the birth of one of her grandchildren (living out of state makes predicting such things more complicated and she has never been present for any of her grandkids births yet).  So Nana is coming to take the last week of bed rest duty and then welcome baby Hansen into our family!  Only 8 more days in bed...we probably should discuss narrowing down our list of 41 names...

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Emily said...

Love the pictures! I swear Addison looks older than she did just last month when we were in town.

That's great that your mom was able to fly in! We can't wait for the new little one to make her debut. Excited to hear what you will name her too...we call her "new baby Hansen" for now.