Sunday, September 28, 2008

Utah State Fair

We had the privilege of taking our neighbors' children to the State Fair. It was so fun! Kaitlyn and Brandon came with us and we are now convinced that the State Fair is far more exciting with kid minds, kid comments, and kid fun. Oliver and I were amazed at the comments that came from the kids and the way they processed thoughts. It was a ball! If you want a break from your kids for a night so that you can date or just get some stuff at home done then give us a call because we love all the kids in our lives!

Kaitlyn is just mimicking Brandon, but he was really disturbed by the smell in the animal barns. We started at the cows and he walked around with his nose plugged for the entire barn length and back. But, by the time we made it to the other barns, he had adjusted okay and we loved the animals.

Kaitlyn loved to pet the animals. This is a baby cow and she would pet anything that would stand still long enough. Bunnies, cows, horses, goats, pigs, etc. Brandon wasn't quite as brave, but he did get some courage to pet a couple of the sleeping animals and he loved the bunnies!

Brandon loved the pretend farm. They both got to go through and plant and harvest, drive a tractor, milk a cow, buy a treat from the store with their profit from the harvest, etc.

We had a great time and, seriously, the invitation is open to anyone who is ready for a break.


Heidi said...

That's my Brandon! :) Not really, but I love that kid! Hmmmm, all of a sudden I am filled with ideas of where you guys can take my kids...:)

Brad said...

Does that mean you'd come out to Boston to watch David? :P

Shea said...

Hey! Now that I'm finally entering "blog world," I can better keep track of other people's fun posts! Anyway, those are some adorable borrowed children! And they had tons of fun at the fair! They still bring it up often. Thanks!