Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Free Date Night

I don't know about the rest of you, but Oliver and I can hardly contain our excitement about the snow building up on the mountains. WE LOVE TO SKI and just can't wait! (Well, we only get to ski one day this season unless we get free passes because we are trying to save for our month long vacation. So sad!)

We are going to this event this Friday night and wondering if anyone else is interested in a FREE date night. For all those interested in skiing and snowboarding there is going to be a free to attend rail jam (think man made ski slope with jumps and rails) Friday, October 17th 1185 N 1200 W in Orem at 8:00 PM. This is a state of the art facility and will be a fun event to watch.

We've never been - we don't know what it is exactly - but we love free and we love new stuff. Let us know if you want to come and catch dinner beforehand or just meet us there! It's kind of late but we don't care if you have kids and want to bring them - just let us know!


joycewang said...

i'll miss the snow once i leave slc :P i usually go for night ski cause it's cheaper

(btw, i like to read your blog :D i can learn new English vocabularies once for a while)

Charity said...

Thanks for commiserating. That was... horrible. Oh well, only a game right? Only a game...
Wish we could go out with you guys tonight, but we are actually leaving at noon today for a long drive out to Colorado (my brother will be blessing his baby on Sunday). Thanks for the invite.

Miriam said...

You are saving for 1 month vacation?!?! Do you already have a destination in mind? Thank you for the idea about using a coffee grinder for wheat.