Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Italy Pictures At Last

We flew from Salt Lake to Rome and arrived in the afternoon. That afternoon we boarded the cruise ship and left Rome that evening. The next morning we landed in Sorrento, Italy and went and visited Pompeii. We didn't make it back to Rome until the end of our trip - but I have posted all of our Italy pictures in this posting. Enjoy!

We ate gelato everyday that we were in Italy. This is our first gelato in Sorrento - as you can see Oliver was really excited!

A pretty standard Pompeii picture...

The Colesium...

The Colesium...

The Colesium...again...

In the Coliseum with our backs to the Arch of Constantine. You can tell we are both listening to our free Rick Steeves podcast tours on our iPODS - seriously our best trip preparation that we did. (Thanks Reini and Jared for the advice!)

Roman Forum

The Pantheon on our night walking tour of Rome.

It really was a beautiful night!

Trevi Fountain at night.

St. Peter's Square

St. Peter's Square

Bernini sculpture inside the Vatican Museum. We saw a lot of Bernini work while we were in Rome and I love his sculpture. I am so glad for the recommendation to go the Borghese Gallery (no pics allowed) because it was my favorite museum of the entire trip. (Thanks Michelle!)

Oliver outside the Castel de San Angelo (and yes we did see Angels and Demons the first night we were in Rome and yes Oliver can tell you the discrepancy of the film and the actually places because we checked them all). Yep - more great Bernini work!

The last day and the only two hours of rain our entire trip we went to Villa D'Este Tivoli which is an hour or so bus ride outside of Rome. Beautiful gardens and almost exclusively natural gravity powered fountains.

The steps up and down.

Oliver and the biggest fountain.

Me and the big fountain.

The water was safe to drink...

And there really were fountains everywhere.

Please check back later for pics of Egypt, Greece, Israel and Turkey.


Babe in Boysland said...

Your Forum photo is WAY better than any of mine- I don't have that angle and it's really cool.

I'm so glad you loved the Borghese! And thanks for that holla, it made me feel important! :-)

I love the photo of you drinking from that fountain- it's cool angle and your hair looks rockstar.

Melinda said...

Wow! The Italy portion of your trip looks so amazing! I'm jealous that you guys ate gelato everyday. What flavors were your favorite? I LOVE gelato. Our favorite place in Utah to get it is at Maestros in Provo. That podcast idea is great. I've never heard of that but will pass it along.

*{anderson family of four}* said...

OH MY GOSH your trip looks AMAZING! I loved loved loved looking at all your incredible postcard-like pictures. You'll have to make a Blurb book just of your trip! :)

Cara and Steve said...

AWESOME PICS! It looks like you guys had a blast on your trip! It's fun to see pics of things that I have only seen in text books or on TV... I would love to do an adventure like that in the future.