Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maggie for 4 nights and 4 days...

Over the Fourth of July we were the proud stand-in parents of a two-year old. While mom and dad were having this adorable little guy...

We were watching this happy girl...Because of some complications during birth and some problems with Grandma's health - Oliver and I got to watch her for the entire holiday weekend. The truth is she really is as happy as the picture makes her look. She was fun and happy and we loved watching her.

We went up the canyon and had a picnic lunch and the next day we went hiking around Silver Lake.

She and Oliver had to keep looking at the fishes - but she kept telling us "shhhh" because they were all sleeping (and we didn't have the heart to correct that!).

We saw several "chip-monkies" and she loved chasing them around the boardwalk and through the trails.

She played on the teeter-totter.

We enjoyed cake to celebrate her 2-year old birthday (just a day after little brother).

And we sat on the curb and watched a fun firework display - she loved it!

All I can say is hopefully our kids turn out so well-behaved and happy.
It really was a joy!

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