Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Went...You Shouldn't

This past weekend I went to see the opening of New Moon with some of my favorite people in the world. The company was delightful, the conversation was enjoyable, the cramming into two cars was awesome, the late night was even okay....the movie, not so much.

I read the Twilight series after all the books were out and I didn't know anything about them until that point. I think that Stephanie Meyers sets a bad example for teenage LDS girls by her writing. I don't care that people say that her writing has nothing to do with her religion - because I believe that we are commanded to be of good report and praiseworthy in all aspects of our life. I also feel that she is a role model to young women, and though it may not be something she chose, it does come with the territory. I don't feel that writing a book gives you cause to lack morals and teach falsehoods about loving and healthy relationships. I don't care that it's called fiction.

To be honest, I don't really care how you feel about it - this is my blog and I think that her books lack morals, are heavy in obsession and I would hate for girls to think that just because a guy is romantic gives him the right to be dictating, overly protective and controlling. I'm sorry, but male romance doesn't give excuse to treat a woman however you want. I think that Bella's manipulation of the two men is also despicable and I have no desire for these books to be popular when I have teenage children.

Enough of my rant...I don't like the Twilight series and I'm not apologizing.

All that being said - it was so nice to have a girls night out, to visit, to play and to spend quality time with some of the neatest and most inspiring women I know.


becky and lance said...

all everyone talked about on thanksgiving was how much we all liked it!! haha we missed you two though and hope you had a great holiday!

Melinda said...

Yeah, Bella is a little twisted when you think about it.

Miriam said...

I didn't read them but from what I heard I think I might agree with you.

Heidi said...

I 100000% agree.