Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We Did It Again

We decided that flooding our basement once just wasn't enough. So we started the dishwasher and left our home to head out for family dinner at Oliver's parents. We came home 5 or 6 hours later to a beeping dishwasher and a steady waterfall in the basement. Oliver instantly knew what that sound meant and went running to turn off the water into the house.

Very shortly this little guy became our best friend. After one phone call we had out house swarming with concerned neighbors and friends to help us start mucking out the mess.
The water damage rippled the paint in our wall and ruined the drywall and carpet.
Over the following several days Oliver ripped out drywall and insulation and wet carpet and pad and even enjoyed it a little.
Luckily there is a window right next to the mess and so we just tossed everything out onto the back patio.
And what didn't fit in the garbage can the first week waited for its turn a different week.
It was a mess but luckily the weather was nice and it was even still a little warm.

And if you stay tuned I will take more pics of the remodel job that has been done (we now have canned lighting in our basement!).
Ah, the joys of home ownership.


Alisha Case said...

That is horrible Heidi, I am sorry to hear about the mess. But some how it seems like your taking it much better then I would. Is your insurance going to help with some of the costs? Or do you not want to worry about that? I LOVE can lights, so I bet that is a perk to the remodel!!! = )

Deidre said...

Um ick. What a total disaster. You poor things, looking forward to updates of the remodel.

Michelle said...

Wow. Not fun. This is why I don't own a home. ;)