Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Utah's Hogle Zoo says its 8-month-old giraffe, Jamar, was found dead in his enclosure over the weekend.

The baby giraffe was popular with visitors and staff after his birth last summer at the zoo.

Jamar apparently died early Sunday. Hogle Zoo veterinarians performed a necropsy and cited "failure to thrive" as the cause of death.

Inexperienced first-time mothers, like Jamar's mother Kipenzi, can have a weak maternal instinct. Zoo staff also say Jamar was an independent baby.

Staff say Jamar was at a critical weaning period in the transition from nursing to solid foods.I'm going to be a first time mom and my baby might be independent but I sure hope that I don't have weak maternal instincts....good thing small humans are a little more resilient right?

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Jared and Reini said...

How sad.... however, you will be a great mom. It will be a learning curve and you will make mistakes (like everyone does), but it will be ok and your baby will thrive!