Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zoo-time Fun!

It's been almost 8 months since the last time we went to the zoo. But last year our zoo had all sorts of baby animals born and it was a blast. I love going to the zoo! I imagine that over the coming years it will become more and more fun as we grow our little family. Here are some pics of all the new animals that were born at our zoo last year.

The elephant Zuri (female): born August 10, 2009 at Hogle Zoo to Christie and father, Jackson (Pittsburgh Zoo).
The giraffe Baby Jamar (male): born July 30, 2009 at Hogle Zoo to Riley and Kipenzi (both living at the Hogle Zoo).
The three tiger cubs (my favorite) (all male): born June 2, 2009 at Hogle Zoo to Kazek and Basha (living at the Hogle zoo)named, Bronevik, Vikentii and Kirill.
And the snow leopard, Baby Himal (male): born May 7, 2009 at Hogle Zoo to Himesh and Nema (living at the Hogle Zoo).
Poor elephant was the only girl born last summer but it made for a very fun and exciting trip to the zoo. And, as usual, Oliver and I didn't take any pictures of the two of us, but we were running around and just as excited as any other child there that day.


becky and lance said...

i think you should name your child after one of those babies -- those were some pretty unique names! haha i love the zoo too. when we were little, uncle tom would always take me and kelly to the hogle zoo. oh good times!

Deidre said...

You know what the Hogel Zoo is the best. I have memories of your MIL taking me there as a kid. I think she had a season pass. I wish I lived near a zoo like that.

Melinda said...

That looks so fun! I've never been to the zoo here, but now I really want to visit after looking at your pictures.