Monday, July 19, 2010

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Great - honestly, I really feel great, I'm not lying to you, I have no complaints - I'm really enjoying this miraculous experience.

Q: How much longer?
A: Technically we have 16 days left - but it could be as many as 26...either way less than a month.

Q: Are you ready?
A: What kind of question is that and does the answer really make a difference, she's coming either way and we'll make the most of it.

Q: When are you quitting work and just sitting at home waiting to have the baby?
A: Never, thanks but my days pass faster at the office and I think the thought of just sitting home waiting sounds horrific.

Q: Have you packed your bags for the hospital?
A: No, and I'm not going to until Oliver get's home from New Jersey - it's my silent sub-conscious way of telling the universe that I'm not going into labor while Oliver is away.

Q: Do you have a name?
A: NO - seriously, we really don't. In fact Oliver just went out and bought a baby name book on Saturday to take with him on his business trip which he read through for 4 hours on the plane.

Q: What names are you deciding between?
A: None of your business - if we had one decided and wanted to tell the world we would - but we don't, and our short list has more than 9 names on it - which makes it not a short list. We don't know what we're naming her and we are okay if that bothers you - you aren't the parent...GET OVER IT!

Q: Are you still throwing up?
A: Yes, just this morning, I think it's a Monday thing. No - I don't mind, I'm used to it.

Q: How are her kidneys?
A: Her right kidney has totally self-corrected and there is still a little fluid on her left kidney. They will be sharing the test results with her pediatrician who will decide what we should do from this point forward.

Q: Will your doctor start you early?
A: Nope, well she might, but I don't want to be started - I want to go into labor naturally when my baby and my body are ready. I'm okay if that isn't the popular thing these days - it's my choice. We also intend to deliver naturally which is a choice - so I'd appreciate if you would keep your negative thoughts about that choice to yourself - I don't need your bad energy.

I try to remind myself that people care about us and love us and just want to share in our joy and I try to not be irritated - is that possible at 38 weeks pregnant? I'm grateful for all the support that we have and I know that there are dozens of people I can call while Oliver is out of town if I need anything at all. We have a lot of love in our lives and our baby is already very loved. So we're just living and loving life and anticipating her great arrival...whenever she chooses for that to be. Thanks for your care - if you have other questions post them!


Angela said...

I just wanted to say that I love you Heidi!! Thank you for your honesty, and bluntness! I think it's the best way to be!! :) Good luck with everything, and I look forward to seeing pictures of your sweet little one when she decides to show herself to the world!

Anonymous said...

My cousin's wife just did this exact type of post!! I think it is funny that you are both experiencing this. I am sure LOTS of Mom's are- but it is just ironic to me that you would both post it within an hour of each other. I hate comments of any sort when I am pregnant. I am too emotional during my pregnancies to hear or care what anyone has to say. Good luck dealing with all the retarded comments:)

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to my blog from when I was pregnant. I thought you might enjoy some of those cartoons:)

Robyn said...

Hahahahahaha! When you're pregnant, your life isn't your own...everyone thinks every detail is their business! I LOVED reading this...I'm so excited to meet your nameless baby! Good luck!!! I'll be thinking about you for the next 28 days wondering if she's made her grand entrance yet!

Candace said...

Who needs a name anyway?

Evan and Holly said...

Our friends didn't find out the gender of their baby until she was born. The midwives asked what they wanted to name her and she said, "I just found out today that she was a she, so maybe I'll find out what her name is tomorrow." I thought that was cute.

Nicole said...

Heidi!!! LOVE it! I'm not even pregnant yet but going through infertility has given me reason to be just as blunt with people. My dreaded question is... "Are you pregnant?" Usually happens when I cough, sneeze or complain about a tummy ache. Drives me crazy! I'm so glad you love the experience of having the baby too. Thank you for being grateful because not many Mom's-to-be have that perspective.

Deidre said...

The name thing is sooo normal. So are the comments! The sad thing is that I don't always enjoy them while pregnant but often ask other the same questions that I hate! I think it is a really weird way of support? I don't know like by asking obnoxious questions I'm saying "I feel your pain?" something. Let us know when she comes...I'm assuming Oliver will send an e-mail.

Luke and Erin said...

Oh I am sorry. I am so guilty of aksing those qestions, probably to you even. I never had problems with the questions it was the constant touching of MY belly that made me nuts. I had one lady (granted I did know her unlike some people in the stores just rub me like I was budah). put her head on my 9 month stomach to try to "hear" the baby. WHAT the??? I think pregger hormones must waft into other's brains and make them crazy?!?!