Thursday, July 22, 2010


When Oliver was out of town last week we had a girls night and went to see Eclipse. We had fun at dinner and the movie - and truthfully the movie was better then any previous one we have seen. But that's not that hard - they couldn't get any worse for sure!
The other fun thing is that 6 of us have just had or will have babies soon! Pretty fun!


Luke and Erin said...

awe! so fun! GNO is always nice. i am with ya on the whole movie- I have only seen the first one... dare I admit it... not read the books. GASP!

Melinda said...

Haha! I agree, they couldn't get any worse! I hated the first two. This last one actually looked like a real movie instead of something that was a made for TV, Saturday night special.

Leah Stone said...

any baby action yet? I miss you and hope the delivery goes so easy and smoothly.

love you