Thursday, February 2, 2012

Modeling for Nana

Growing up, my mom knitted each of her four kids a new sweater every winter. She has since sold them and I don't have any to cherish - just pictures. This is one of the sweaters my mom made...

When my mom was in town in the fall I was expressing to her that I really wanted a cable knit sweater for Addison to have for the winter. Who knew that they would be so hard to find! I didn't want light-weight - I wanted chunky/could be a jacket if needed - type sweater. We looked at a bunch of stores and my mom ended up buying a gray one for Addison.

As has been true of her entire life, Addison isn't really lacking in the clothes department, but she finally wore her sweater to church on Sunday. The sleeves are way too long still - but that just means that it might fit into next fall too :) I was trying to get a picture of Addison in her outfit and wanting her to model for her Nana who doesn't get to see her. She wasn't overly cooperative - but here's what we got.

The last picture is very typical Addison after church. And yep, she smacked her face into the brick on the outside of our house, just 2 minutes before we were supposed to leave for church. Kids - gotta love their respect of timing!


Marci said...

She looks just like your picture!! So cute!

Emily said...

That is such a beautiful picture of you as a child! Addison looks just like you!