Friday, February 3, 2012

Red Pepper Lollipop

When Addison comes with me to the grocery store she especially is aware when we are in the produce section because she knows so many of the things that she is looking at and she wants to eat them NOW! Unfortunately, most produce is bought by the bound and she can't snack her way through the store. In December (16th), she was having a particularly hard day passing up the bananas (especially because she can't differentiate that she is allowed to eat one before buying from Costco because we pay for the bundle but not at Winco where we pay by the pound). As we were continuing down the aisles it was no to grapes, no to apples, no to the banana, etc. She finally spotted the peppers and wanted one - well that we buy per item so I handed it right to her. (Nope I didn't wash it or anything - the germs are good for her).

She chomped on it through the entire store and everyone thought she was sooo cute - and I was able to shop in peace. She held it and sucked on it like a lollipop and I was happier to have her eating a veggie than crackers or cereal or candy.

After washing her outfit 3 times I was finally able to get the red out :)

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