Tuesday, February 3, 2009

House Pics for Taylor

We know that a lot of you want to see pictures of the house that we are buying. But this post is all for Taylor! This is more pictures than most of you want to see, but our favorite Taylor is not living close anymore and so we are posting for him. Tay - we wish you were closer (especially so you could help with our fix-ups) - we miss you!
This is from the front - we sit in the south east corner of the cul-de-sac...
Here is the roof which is in good shape. They did a good patching job (according to the inspector) when some of the shingles blew off.
These are the gutters that have about 1/2 inch of grime in them. This is one reason we wish you were closer! :)

Here is the garage - the side you can't see already has three places installed to hang bikes. I guess we'll have to buy another bike... You also can't see the central-vac which is piled by the door. There is an exit to the back yard from the garage and a sink which you can see the very edge of.
Here is the crawl space above the garage looking from the garage towards the kitchen. The garage ceiling is insulated which is going above and beyond code. Similarly, there is twice as much insulation as required.
This is looking from the island in the kitchen through the dining area with bay window and into the family room which the inspector claims has a wood fireplace and both Oliver and our agent think is a gas log fireplace. Can you come back and tell us what it really is?
This is the master bedroom with a window seat the lift for extra storage. That is also the new carpet which the bank put in - it hasn't been vacuumed yet.
This is the living room upstairs, right off the main entry.
This is the bathroom on the first floor by the bedrooms. There is also a half bath off the kitchen. The toilet is dripping and we need to get a plumber to come and fix a handful of things.
This is the bonus room downstairs that grandpa said can be turned into a walk-out basement. We would put in a kitchenette and extra bathroom so that we could rent out the basement. Grandpa suggested putting the door where the window is and either putting in french doors or one door with windows on both sides.
This is another view of the kitchen. We already bought the appliances and they are all black. The one appliance you can't see is the trash compactor which is on the backside of the island. It is a Kenmore.
This is the laundry room which is right next to the master bedroom. This is the old cabinetry that matches what used to be in all the bathrooms and the kitchen. We are very glad for the upgrade!
This is the downstairs family room and the bonus room that we told you about earlier is through that doorway. To the left is an under the stairs little crawl space for kids. It has a light that you can turn on and off. The storage room and cold storage are also located to the left of this room.
This is the manabloc. It is probably my second favorite part of the house (next to the kitchen).
This is a picture showing some of the missing light bulbs. We probably have to go and buy 25 - 30 light bulbs. Exciting! We also have to go and buy 28 knobs for the kitchen hardware which is missing.
Let us know if you want to see any other pictures - we can send you the home inspection if you want. Love you - teach well today!


TysonandMarthaGerber said...

Wow! I am in love with the island in your kitchen. I mean MASSIVE cooking spots. Congrats. This is such a fun time to be looking for a home. How did you find your property? an agent or a cool website?

NatRat said...

Heidi it looks awesome! I am so excited for you and you are right, the kitchen looks fab! That is one kitchen I would love to cook in. I hope everything keeps going good with it!

kwilter said...

Cute house, Heidi. I'm excited for you guys. But, just a little bitter because we're going to miss you. Maybe your townhome can be a summer home and you can just come stay for the summers. Just a selfish suggestion.

Miriam said...

I would recommend the energy efficient light bulbs. They saved us a lot in our electric bill and even though they cost a little more (we got our at costco) it has bee worth it. Thanks for all the pictures!

KEYSHA said...

So exciting! I hope it all goes through for you guys!

becky and lance said...

WOW!!! i love your entire house! i can't wait to come see it!! let us know if you need help with ANYTHING!!

The Garber Family said...

This looks FANTASTIC! I especially like the little computer nook in the kitchen. I've always wanted one of those. Just seems like a great way to keep an EYE on the computer while it's in use!
It sounds like things are progressing well since we last talked. Hope all continues to go well for you!

The Garber Family said...

Check on the Energy Efficient bulbs. I've heard people say that when they go out you can't just throw them in the trash because they contain mercury?
Confirm or deny?

Troy & Emily said...

South Jordan! Cool. We've looked there a bit. Congrats!

Emily & Troy GERber ;)

Angela said...

I love the house!! I know once y'all get in there, it's going to look even more amazing!! Must say, if I lived in that area and needed a place, I would rent from y'all. :-) But alas, I'm not moving for another year and a half. But really, CONGRATS!!!!

Emily said...

This is Taylor, I can't log in since I have never signed up to be apart of your blog...sorry.

House looks great! Really like the water system. Insulation looks good, you can take out the TV antenna with everything going digital (I think), tile is smart in front of the door, and the kitchen looks awesome!

You don't need a plumber! Use your heads and go to the Home Depot and ask for a faucet rebuild kit and toilet rebuild kit. Fire place just light a match and see what happens...just kidding. Gutters...Oliver gird your loins and don't worry about getting your hands dirty...you don't need me you have a little giant ladder for heavens sake.

Over all the house looks great. Good investment. I will see it when I come home for Nick. In the mean time wake up early on Saturday morning and start watching This Old House...great show.