Monday, September 27, 2010

Addison's Baby Blessing

We finished all the preparations for Addison's blessing on Saturday night. Everything - food prep, clothes prep, house prep, yard prep, etc...I just wanted to have a calm and relaxing Sunday morning before her blessing. We also decided to take family pictures before church so that she would still be in a good mood - she is happiest in the morning. Well, normally she's happiest in the morning, but Sunday she decided to scream her head off for a good hour - she must have sensed our anxiety. Luckily, we started getting ready at 8:30 and so there was plenty of time for her to get out her frustrations before we needed to be ready to go (church wasn't 'til 11).

Here are some pictures of dressing Ms. Addison.
She's calming down in Nana's arms.
Finally dozing for a minute after getting all ready for her big day.
Three generations.
Our family.
She's a daddy's girl - we call Oliver "the Addison whisperer".
The star of the show.

Our family and friends having lunch to celebrate Addison.
A yummy spread of food - thanks to everyone who helping bring food - it really lightened our load!
The eight of us - and now we're growing so I guess you'd have to say the 10 of us.
The Hansen family (minus Emily).
Uncle Taylor met Addison for the first time this weekend (unless you count Skype as a meeting). He flew in for her blessing and flew back just 27 hours later. It meant so much to Oliver and me


Deidre said...

Ooo. So quick to update. Loved the photos!! Sounds like a grand day, wonderful to have Taylor there as well. I know Danielle enjoyed it and commented to me on how nice she thought your house was...I told her "I know, I read the blog..."

Emily said...

Thanks for the pictures Heidi! Looks like a really special and fun day. First time I've seen a picture of Taylor holding a baby!

kwainwright said...

Oh, what a beautiful day, what a beautiful blessing dress and what a beautiful family. I wish that I could have been there but know that I'm sending my own blessings your way. Love you all!

Luke and Erin said...

I love blessing day! It is so peaceful and beautiful. I felt the day was always just for our family. I hope you felt the same.

* { Shannon } * said...

I love the name Addison, and I LOVE her blessing dress! The long dresses are my favorite. You look beautiful in all your pictures too! :)