Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Addison's First Date

Our neighbors and friends had their first baby last November - right after we found out we were pregnant. Their son is one of the only little guys in our whole neighborhood and so we were so happy to have a little playmate for Ms. Addison. We admit, she isn't quite old enough to be much fun for Sam, he still prefers flirting with adult women that flirt back - but soon enough they will be mischief makers together.

This past Monday we picked up Sam and his mom and headed to Herriman Lake. Here they are getting ready for their first chaperoned date.
Sam loved playing in the sand and crawling all around. Do you love the ball that someone donated to the parking lot that we found and Sam enjoyed?
Addison wasn't much fun to play with - she slept through most of our outing.
She woke up long enough to eat and put her feet in the water. While we were experimenting with the water the bees came to join us and that was the end for Jolene and I...I certainly HATE bees!
She'd kick her legs out and then scrunch them up again - it was really cute.
We headed home and when we got back to Sam's house to drop him off we found them both like this. Must have been a successful date.
Hopefully as time passes Addison will be a little more fun for Sam to play with - we don't want him telling all the other kids that she's no fun or that she's boring ;)