Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary

You might wonder what this picture has to do with my anniversary. Well, my singing group has started back up again and we're preparing for the Christmas season. We are now practicing at my house since the group lives so spread out through the valley and Oliver's and my home is centrally located. The group decided to start back up this past Monday and Oliver and I talked about it and the date worked fine with our schedule. So these wonderful women came to our house to kick-off our singing season.
After I committed to my singing friends, Oliver and I remembered that it was our third anniversary that day. Well, I'm married to a wonderful man, rather than bail on the singing group we decided we'd celebrate another time. So I spent my anniversary with some very wonderful woman and Oliver and I will be celebrating at a later time.

Good thing he's so flexible because singing practice was wonderful. Oliver's gift to me this year was the best - he allowed me to do something for me - there hasn't been a lot of that since we welcomed Addison into our family. It sure was a treat.

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Robyn said...

You didn't tell us it was your ANNIVERSARY!!!! What a nice husband you have! Where are YOU in the picture? I'm glad we're singing again...thanks for letting us crash your house!