Monday, February 7, 2011

Six Months

I just can't believe how quickly the time passes once you have a child! Addison is the light of our lives and is such a help to our family as we pass through different trials. She brings laughter, happiness and peace to our home. She was born six months ago and the time has just flown. We love her more and more everyday.
Addison is developing so quickly and it is a joy to watch all her new skills. She is sitting like a champion and can play for 10 minutes or more while sitting...but when she falls and bangs her little head she is not pleased about it. We are trying to remember that the floor at church is not cushioned because she screams really loudly when she topples on Sundays and we don't take our boppy for her to fall back on. She can reach for her toys and she loves to play with her toes, shoes and socks. She also rolls from back to front but hasn't decided that she wants to roll the other way.
Addison loves paper! She still puts just about everything in her mouth and she is starting to eat more and more table food. She loves to eat, just like her parents and she now has two teeth. She got her first bottom tooth (the one on the right if you're looking at her face) on Friday, February 4th on the bottom left tooth today. She hasn't had any trouble teething, at least not the nightmares you hear from some people, just a general fussiness, irritability and drooling.
Addison almost doubled her birth weight - right on schedule. She went to the doctor today and weighs 16 pounds, 12 ounces (8 lb 7 ounces when born) and is 26.1 inches long. She has a 17" noggin and is such a social butterfly! She loves people and to smile at them when they acknowledge her. She is getting a little stranger anxiety and would prefer to love people from mom and dad's arms. We love our little girl and enjoy her immensely. She is so fun to play and interact with and it is a joy to make her giggle and laugh.
Happy half birthday baby girl!

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becky and lance said...

Wow!! I can't believe it's already been six months!!! She is just so adorable!