Monday, February 7, 2011

Six Month Firsts

Like we said Addison is growing in leaps and bounds. Because I love to blog, their are pictures of many of her milestones. She loves to have music time with mom and we regularly sing and play the piano together.
She can even play some of her own compositions - quite skillfully we might add.
She also has mastered the art of sitting up in the tub. This took a little longer than floor sitting because it's pretty slippery...but she is loving the bath more and more.
After she gets out of the bath we used to lay her on her changing table to dry off and get dressed. She would fuss a lot of the time - but the mirror is her friend. We now sit her on the counter to dry off and she plays with the faucet and flirts with the cute girl in the mirror.
Addison has learned to hold her bottle. She will only hold the bottle if she is being held so it hasn't provided any time savings for the parents yet - but progress is being made slowly and surely.
She is also learning that yummy stuff comes from the kitchen. She enjoyed her first blueberry smoothie while sitting on our khaki couch. There aren't any blueberry remnants to prove it but her dad would prefer that we keep eating confined to the kitchen since he is the one that cleans all the messes. She loved every last bite and was sad when it was all gone.
She is growing so quickly and we love her!

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