Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Addison's First Taco Night

It's never a real trip home without a taco night at Suz & Paul's. The family get's together, we have dinner, put the little kids to bed and then play games. Addison was able to go to her first taco night during our Christmas vacation. She was the star of the evening. Her cousin Alec loved to hold her and, despite her stoic face, she really enjoyed herself.
She also spent a lot of good time with her Aunt Kel.
Her cousin Aiden also really wanted to hold her...but his meager three years of experience didn't lend Addison to feeling very confident about his skills. His mom had to pry Addison away from him because he just loved her SO MUCH! But, once she got settled with Aunt Suz, she was feeling a little more comfortable and let Aiden love her from a distance.
She went to bed at their home and then we woke her up to take her home. She was a good girl, as always, and we left with some homemade candy - another staple of a real Christmas!

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