Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rub My Belly

A woman at church rubbed my belly and asked if I was having a having a baby brother for Addison -

um no!

 Does it make it more socially acceptable and endearing that she is in her 80s?


mj4toty said...

You do understand that it is our responsibility to re-populate the ward, right? Just because you're all thin and fit, doesn't mean you can shirk your duties! Addison is going to be one in a few months...just kidding! Our ward is so funny sometimes! You just got to grin and bear it some days! =)

Jeff, Whitney and Kael said...

Oh my gosh I would be totally sad if someone said that to me and I wasnt pregnant. What the freak did you say back? I wouldnt care what age the person was I would still be way sad!!! Thats just me though