Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2nd Cousins

Oliver's grandparents host anyone in the family that wants to come and visit any Sunday at 5 pm - every single Sunday. Isn't that awesome of them!?! We headed up this past Sunday (it used to be more often before Addison and before 1 pm church). It happened to work out that all but 2 of the great-grandchildren were there. Our visits haven't seemed to line up lately that we are all there together and so it was great to have randomly all chosen the same Sunday to visit. Not only was it fun for some of the older ones to play together - but we had to take a moment to get a picture of the whole crew!

Addison (8/7/10) Finn (4/10/11)
Isabelle (5/8/11) Olivia (5/8/11) Boston (early 10/11) Kael (8/20/08) Brecken (3/27/10)

Addison isn't the baby anymore...SAD!


Emily said...

Love the updates, Heidi! This picture of all the 2nd cousins is so sweet...miss you guys!

Evan and Holly said...

That picture looks just like one of you when you were a baby. With those bright chubby checks. I am trying to remember which picture. But there is a picture just like hat. Do you know the one I'm talking about. Oh, I think it is the one with our babies that grandma made that have matching outfits to us. Does that sound right? It is just like looking at old pictures of you----just like it.