Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Snow of the Season

We had our first good snow of the season. You might remember Addison very first snow from last year - but this is the first time that she is actually big enough to "play". It wasn't very cold outside so we just put on her boots and jacket and let her go out. For the first several minutes she just stared at the white stuff on the ground and talked to it. Then she looked up and just laughed and laughed!

After awhile she lost her balance but she really didn't want to put her hands down. And because of the way her boots are different from all her other shoes, she couldn't bend her knees and ankles well enough to stand back up. Dad had the brilliant idea of moving her to the flat part of the lawn to play as opposed to the top of the hill - so she dusted off her hands as they walked. (It's one of her new favorite things to wipe her hands and dust them off and to pretend to put on lotion. She is just fascinated by how her hands work.)

Addison preferred to stand on the flat dry sidewalk and look at the snow from her comfort zone. When her boots got all white and snowy she kept saying "uh-oh". Oliver and Addison walked around the house and in through the back sliding door and she wasn't a big fan of walking in the snow. But she'll get used to it since it is a main part of Utah winter (Yuck says the mama).

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