Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 - Never Posted

I have all these things that I wanted to post last year that I just never got around to. Like Addison's 1-year pics...Anyway, this week I'm going to try to get some things from last year captured.

Our big house project last year was transforming our master bedroom. The project was finally completed with Oliver's Christmas gift to me - so I guess you could say it isn't that old of a project. The first pic is what our room looked like when we bought it. Don't you just love the black curtains :) We have window seats in every bedroom in the upstairs and don't need the storage it provides in our bedroom so we decided to turn it into a reading nook instead.

This was Oliver's first time taking out walls, adding electric sockets, adding drywall, etc. I had some experience mudding/taping from my mission (I spent 9 months, 4 hours per week, volunteering for habitat for humanity in California as part of my mission service. I even fell off the roof (which is a story for another day) :) So between the two of us - and a little help from a neighbor - the new reading nook looked like this.

Then, I don't really have any pictures from the painting saga - which included Home Depot mixing the wrong color in the second can and me just thinking it was darker because it was wet. Then taking all the tape off just to have to re-paint. UGH! If you're OCD like me you can still tell in some spots.

But below you can see the new paint color, the little reading nook, and mostly it was to document Oliver's gift of organization to me. We turned the wall when you walk into our room into our little planning area and we actually use it! Because our office is in the basement we weren't really using the calendar downstairs - but this seems to be working.

Also, I tried my hand at DIY artwork for the first time to finish off the wall space in our bedroom. I don't know if you've noticed - but big wall art is EXPENSIVE! So I bought a $9 canvas from Hobby Lobby and used leftover wall paint to paint toilet paper and wrapping paper tubes and make my own 3D art for above our bed. We love it!

Stay tuned for more missing documentation from 2011.

PS The guitar was Oliver's other gift to me (he got it as his white elephant gift from work) so I need to learn a couple of things apparently - because I know nothing about guitars at all!


WhitneyJoy said...

this post just blew my mind! that is awesome!

Meghann said...

Amazing job! I had to laugh because I too for a list of things that never got posted that should. I love the colors you picked!