Monday, December 24, 2012

Claire's Blessing

We had Claire's blessing yesterday and it went wonderfully.  Almost all our family was here to support us.
We made Claire a dress from the fabric of my wedding dress just like we did for Addison.  Addison's was long and single layered and Claire's has several layers to make it puffy and it is considerably shorter.  I might find time to get some detail pictures of the dress - but for now - here's a comparison.
And of course Addison needed to lay out like Claire and have her picture taken.  Whenever Claire is getting some extra attention Addison jumps in and wants to be doing the same thing.
Three generations.
 The entire Hansen family and no one is in a wedding dress!  We can put it up on our wall and everyone looks great!
And just for more comparison...


Kandis Mortensen said...

I've missed your posts so I'm loving all these updates! You looked great on blessing day (everybody did!)
I loved the temple conversation: priceless!!!!

Kandis Mortensen said...

I've missed your posts, so I'm loving these updates! You looked amazing on blessing day!!
Also--the temple conversation--priceless. Hope I get invited, cause I'd like to meet them all:)

Meghann said...

So cute! You're girls are adorable and I'm glad that you were able to have so much support on such a special day.