Monday, December 31, 2012

Meeting G&G Lyon

As crazy as Claire's beginning was we didn't make it to meet Oliver's grandparents for about a month after she was born.  On Sunday November 4th we stopped by their home to make the introductions. 

Here is 4 generations just missing Oliver's mom.  She doesn't love having her picture taken and wasn't with us that night - so it's as close to a 4 generation picture as we can get.  Claire did what any child does at the end of a Sunday-day - she cried.  At least that's what our kids do at the end of most Sundays.
Grandma Margene is the best piano player.  We could name just about any song and she could play it without a book.  Addison danced and sang around their front room for quite awhile singing ABC songs, Christmas songs, Primary songs and anything else she could think of.  At the end of our sing-along Addison played chopsticks with grandma.  It was a great Sunday evening.
Grandpa Lyon passed away on December 18th so this was our last visit in their home.  We saw him a couple more times in the hospital before he died - but we were glad to have this evening to share with him.  

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