Friday, December 28, 2012

Things to Remember

December 19th (traveling home from Nana and Papa's house on a Christmas night-light tour):
Addison: Look the temple
Me: Yep, it's beautiful
Addison: I get married there.
Me: Yes, you and Claire are going to get married there.
Addison: Jesus be there?
Me: Yes
Addison: Mary be there?
Me: Our friend Mary?
Addison: No, Mary.  Mary be there?
Me: Jesus' mom?
Addison: Yes.  Mary be there?
Me: Um, yes, Mary will be there too.
Addison: Good, I want Mary there.  Joseph there?
Me: Yes, Joesph will be there too.
Addison: I married with Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Me: Yep.

December 28th - Addison says her first unassisted prayer
Heavenly Father.  I love thee.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Often Addison has tried to say her own prayer but usually she just says Heavenly Father in Jesus' name Amen.  This is the first time she's inserted some text in the middle.  She is getting so big.

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