Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Train to the Temple

Addison loves to ride the train.  I took her downtown on November 5th from the Sandy park and ride.  We rode to temple square - walked around for less than 10 minutes - and then re-boarded the train to come home.  We took a picnic for the ride and Claire was with us - but slept most of the time.

I love her sporting her glasses on her head.  Whenever she wears them like this she says that she looks like Aunt Ellie.
My mom knit this sweater when I was a child and now Addison wears it.  She probably made it for my brothers.
Addison went running up the temple steps and then lounged on the stairs and watched the people.  
Then she went to the doorway and told me that she was going inside.  She was really sad to learn that it was locked and that she couldn't go to see Jesus.
A nice man offered to take our picture together and I think he did a great job.  Claire was there too - at the bottom of the steps happily sleeping in her stroller.
Here is the only evidence of Claire's attendance - when Addison got tired she'd sit up on the handle of our clip-it.  She can't ride like that anymore because Claire's feet actually reach the end of her car seat and Addison steps on her but Claire was only 6 weeks old when we went on our adventure.

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