Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another busy week...and a really long post

We took Addison to the park and tried out her stroller. She slept through the whole event! But we have been on several walks since then and she does really well even if she is awake.
Addison met her Uncle Nick in person on her daddy's birthday. He sure is smitten by her...
Oliver was able to take the day off work and be home with us on his birthday. We went to Addison's two week check up (at 10 days) and she now weighs 8 pounds 13 ounces and is 21 inches long. I can't believe how fast she is growing and changing! In the evening we went to Oliver's parents home for dinner and birthday cake/pie/tart. Here's Oliver cutting his dessert and tolerating Nick.
For his birthday, the whole family went in together to buy Oliver a new desk. He would now like to work from home since his desk at the house is bigger than the one in his office at work. I would love that - too bad it isn't happening. Here we are putting it together.
Success! (and really bad lighting)
While Oliver's at work Addison and I stay home and play together (she mostly sleeps and eats). But she has "activity time" after each feeding. Here is her having tummy time - as you can see she is a strong kicker and propels herself right up and over. I'm not sure if this still counts as tummy time when all her weight is on her head.
What's funny is she'll lay like that for more then 5 minutes perfectly happy with her new vantage point.
Addison's second cousin was due the exact same day. Emily decided to come early (they are exactly four weeks apart). Emily and her mom came up to visit this past weekend and so we took the first, of what I'm sure will be several, pictures of them together.
Yep, Addison's just a little bigger than Ms. Emily :)
It was a very exciting day when daddy found Addison's cord during a diaper change. He yelled from the other room for me to come quick and bring the camera. As you can see, she wasn't too thrilled to have to pose for the picture - she just wanted her bum cleaned.
This past Sunday was a very eventful evening. WE started out by visiting the Hansen great-grandparents. They hadn't met her yet and were really excited that she came to visit. Grandpa Hansen held her for a few minutes.
Then we took a four generation Hansen picture of Addison, her dad (Oliver), Oliver's dad (David) and David's dad (Farr). It's so fun to be so close to family and for her to get to know so many of her relatives.
After visiting at the Hansen's we went to see Oliver's other grandparents. Addison wasn't as happy at that point and mom and her spent most of their time in Grandpa's room feeding. So there aren't any pictures. From the Lyon grandparents home we went to the baby blessing of cousin Aiden. He was blessed at his grandparents home just down the street from Oliver's grandparents.
Here is my sister's beautiful family after the blessing. Evan did a wonderful job!
And here we are with the two newest additions to our family.
Addison is a great sleeper during the night and she is getting a little better about napping during the day. The other day I went in to wake her from her nap to eat and she had undressed herself. She is so cute!
Oliver finally put batteries in her swing and she tried it out - you can tell she loves it, right? To a baby sleeping=love, right?
Oliver and I were really excited when Addison's cord finally fell off because it meant that she can now take real baths. She didn't love being wiped down by a washcloth and so we were looking forward to the change.
She loved being in the bathtub.
Addison really loves her dad and she gets so excited when he talks to her. She kicks and flails her arms in excitement.
And this is where the bath-time fell apart. Oliver got her out of the tub and she decided that she wasn't dried off and clothed fast enough and hollered really loudly. She looks kind of cold - but we all survived and are still learning. (To Oliver's defense, when mom bathed her two days later she still hollered after getting taken out of the water and dressed...maybe that's just what babies do.)
As you can see we're all having a great time and learning lots of new things and having a lot of new experiences. Time is passing so quickly its unbelievable but we are all still very much in love.


McDorky said...

Heidi - this post made me cry! I am so happy for you and excited for when Nugget joins our family!

She is absolutely gorgeous!

P.S. We have that exact same desk. I heart Ikea!

Deidre said...

I always felt like my kids got cold after the bath even though they enjoyed being in it. My favorite photos this time are of her slumped over the boppy and after she undressed herself. Soo cute and already growing.