Friday, August 20, 2010

Meeting Cousins

Addison doesn't have many first cousins - in fact - so far she only has two. They came over to meet her on Saturday and her cousin Kyle is so cute with her...well he's so cute with all babies really. Aunt Holly helped Kyle hold her and he loved her binki and giving her kisses and buckling her car seat. I think he was in heaven because there were two car seats to play with instead of just his little brothers.
We tried to get a quick picture of the cousins all together but Kyle wasn't having it. This is the only picture I snapped but it is representative of how the evening was going.
Aiden and Addison had a much more agreeable time posing for their moms.
Aiden is 4 weeks and a day older then Addison and I'm sure we'll get more pictures of them soon. Yay for having cousins that live so close! We'll enjoy it while we can!

(and hopefully next time we see them we can get pictures of her with Aunt Holly and Uncle Evan too)


Evan and Holly said...

Um, maybe. Let's face it. I'm not as cute as my kids and although Evan is, I think he likes changing diapers better than getting his picture taken. :) Love those pictures though. :)

Pinkie and Family said...

adorable! boppys are so perfect for photo shoots