Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Windows

We got new windows in our whole house! It is so exciting! We have actually had them in for a few weeks, but I have been slow to post. These are the old ones with the grids and the really weird spacing between frames - on the inside it was even worse because there was no real barrier between them, just insulation padding, and so now it looks much more clean and awesome!
All the windows in the basement had water damage between the panes and some were growing mold. We decided to take advantage of the tax credit and the fact that I am still working full-time and make our home more energy efficient. Funny the things that excite you as a homeowner...
Now we have windows that are super clean and clear and grid-less. We went back and forth about the grids because Oliver and I agree on nothing - he likes them and I don't. Ultimately, we decided against them because they are less energy efficient and they add more than $100 to each window that has them.
We also had our back door and solid pane door (it didn't open) replaced by sliding glass. There is no draft anymore and it looks amazing. It already has finger prints from little kids and I love it!
YAY for fun house projects and a nice upgrade to our home. Now we have to decide about blinds - yep, just one more thing we don't agree about :)


Angela said...

Love it!! Right now, I get excited about new paint. Before too long, it will be new windows and a new storm door! It's true - pretty funny about the things we get excited about as homeowners!!

Happy delivery!! :)

Evan and Holly said...

They look really nice.

Deidre said...

Slowly but surely, you'll get there. You do have a very beautiful home.