Thursday, December 16, 2010


On December 11th my parents decided that it was time for me to try cereal. I LOVED IT! I've been playing with that spoon thing for the past few weeks and chewing on it but I didn't know that something so yummy usually comes with it.
Look at me dad - I'm doing it!
I ate the whole bowl full. And then I felt sick. My tummy hurt so badly and I cried and screamed and wouldn't sleep. It was like that for two days.
My mom gave me multi-grain cereal that a friend had given her and I didn't like was just too hard to digest. My mom went to the store earlier this week and bought plain rice cereal and I am still eating the whole bowl full and it's not hurting my tummy. I love dinner time with mom - it's so fun!
My dad gets home about the time I finish eating and he plays with me. I have been riding around on his shoulders lately and it is so fun. I don't know what I'm going to hold onto when he gets his hair cut...

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