Monday, December 6, 2010

Never Got Around To It

My parents had our pictures taken professional every 6 months until we went to kindergarten. I love that I have so many great pictures from when I was little. Now cameras have gotten so great and since we don't use film I can take hundreds of pics to make sure I get one that I like of Addison. I don't know if we'll take Addison every 6 months to have her picture taken, however, it was still really important to me to get Addison's picture taken when she was new. And I do think that we'll go at least once a year if it is affordable. But there's the rub - I was appalled how pricey it is to have pictures taken and be able to have a digital copy to keep...But after a lot of research I found the perfect solution for our family.

I would recommend fotofly to EVERYONE! You pay $79 for your session and the number of people at your session is unlimited (they don't punish you for having a big family). They take your family shots and they take pics of everyone individually for the same price. Your cost means that you get a disk of your edited pictures and the rights to do whatever you want with them (blog, facebook, email, costco prints, shutterfly, whatever!). They have a trendy room in their studio and a spot for a more classic look they are punctual and really made sure that we were satisfied. If you want them to print pics for you it's only $4 a sheet (1 8x10, 2 5x7, 3 4x6 etc). Having printed all our pics at Costco to own a full set - it was definitely worth having some printed nicely by them for framing because the quality was better. If you want to check it out ask me for more info (plus I get $10 for referring you...just sayin').

Anyway, I am side-tracked. I wanted nice pictures of Miss Addison so that we could do birth announcements. So when she was 8 days old we packed her up for her very first outing and went to have her picture taken. Call us crazy - but they were wonderful! I did manage to mail some of the announcements and I got some thank you cards written...but since my initial gusto I have lost my steam.

I never posted her newborn pics or her announcement on the blog because I kept meaning to send them out and didn't want to spoil the surprise. But, since they are a little out-dated and I just had Christmas cards done I thought I would post the pics now for you to enjoy...some of you will still be getting your birth announcements (they just might be included with your Christmas card).


mj4toty said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and where to go to get them. I have been very frustrated as of late because we've done pictures at Sears twice now, and it makes me so angry that I have to pay an arm and a leg just for the right to the pictures of my child! And they use the fact that I think my baby is absolutely adorable to finangle me into buying this huge package that I really don't want...I don't want a full-length, life-size picture of Sam in his costume, I just want the dang CD! I am definitely going to try the place you recommended for our next photo op! Addison is ADORABLE!!

Leah Stone said...

these are absolutely gorgeous. Wow. She is a looker.

Pinkie and Family said...

incredible pictures!!! do they exist in Oregon?