Friday, January 28, 2011


Oliver, Addison and I drove home from Oregon by way of Seattle so we could visit Taylor and Emily.
We got up to Seattle on New Year's Eve morning. We hung our T&E's apartment for awhile and then went to lunch on the warf and to walk around Pike's market. (I still need to get some pics from Emily.) We hauled Addison's baby bjorn on our whole trip to use in Seattle and then when we went downtown Oliver brought only part of it. It was pretty cold and so Uncle Taylor hauled her in his jacket like a kangaroo. After Pike's Place Market it was time for Addison's nap and so we headed back to the apartment and she and I rested while the rest of the crew went to tour some Seattle sites.
Oliver loved the locks and the troll under the bridge with a car in his hand. You cant' really tell but he has a life-sized slug-bug under his hand which we saw again the next day in the light.
They got back from their touring and T&E made us dinner and then we played games and visited. We didn't make it until midnight and Addison wasn't a good sleeper at their house. But we had a blast and loved our visit.

New Year's Day morning we went touring more of Seattle and then to breakfast.
Fun was had by all!

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Emily said...

Thanks so much for coming to visit! We really loved having you here! (P.S. I will send you those pics soon!)