Monday, August 1, 2011

Significant Chapter Closed

We officially own all four of these:

And, just as exciting, after 2 years and 5 months, we officially don't own this:

July was a very significant month for us and we have grown immensely in faith and gratitude. It feels UNREAL to be debt free. Words cannot describe the sacrifice, prayers, effort, lessons learned, and hard work that have gotten us to this moment in our lives. As this major chapter in our lives closes we continue to look forward to creating our perfection one small step at a time.


Charity said...

Yay congratulations!

Charity said...

p.s. you're my hero.

kirsten.brooke said...

Wow. There really are no words adequate enough to truly congratulate the two of you! Debt free, with your education...what a wonderful inspiration you both are. I'm particularly excited for the day when Tate and I can hang all 4 of our degrees on the wall as well.

You should be VERY proud of yourself. You're awesome!

twobadmonkeys said...

Oh wow Heidi! That is amazing! Way to go! We just started offically "debt stacking" today so our journey is long from over! WAHOO

Erin Hall said...

Wahooo for you guys! that is such great news!!!!!