Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yellowstone With An Infant/Toddler

Our little family is spending the week in Island Park (outside of West Yellowstone). We have been a several short camping/cabin trips this summer and we still have two more planned - but this will be our longest one by far. We have learned a few things from our other trips about traveling with a baby and so far our trip is going splendidly. I have been kind of lazy about updating our blog lately, but I have plenty of time while Addison naps to get caught here we go.

We drove to Island Park on Friday after Oliver finished work. We arrived at the cabin a little after 10 pm and immediately set up Addison's pack-n-play and put her to bed. She doesn't sleep in the car hardly ever and had maybe gotten 15 minutes of sleep the whole 5 hour car drive. She must have inherited her inability to sleep anywhere but in a bed from me...because her daddy certainly didn't have that trouble on the drive up.

We've learned from our other trips that Addison needs a day to acclimate. So Saturday morning we played at the cabin, ate breakfast, put her down for her morning nap and just spent a lazy day in the woods. Here are some pictures of the cabin where we're staying.

After lunch we made our way to tour Johnny Sack's Cabin and feed the trout. The cabin is amazing and seeing how I document historic homes as part of my job responsibilities, it was great to see one that is on the National Register of Historic Places. Addison didn't have any idea that we were throwing food to the huge trout in the water, she just kept eating it instead. But she did like looking at them and pointing. We also found the local church and figured out that church started at 9 the next morning.

After our small town tour we put Addison down for her afternoon nap and just spent the rest of the night playing with toys, reading books, having dinner, visiting with our cabin neighbors at their fire and giving Addison a bath.

It was a wonderful first day! The adventures of Yellowstone start tomorrow....

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