Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yellowstone - Day 6

We were up early after sleeping in Mammoth and wanting to head out looking for wildlife. We were able to see more elk and a buffalo. We also saw 2 coyote. We really wanted to bears but we didn't drive the stretch of Yellowstone between Canyon Village and the West Thumb which is where most of the mammals are - but Addison was done with scenic car driving. It just isn't something she appreciates - yet.

We drove through Tower-Roosevelt to Canyon Village and decided to hike the North Rim Trail. The paper said that it was a 3 mile hike and you basically could see all the overlooks and walk through the forest. Right after we started our hike we crossed two dear foraging on the path. Addison loved them and was calling to them which kind of scared them away. And, this little chipmunk loved Addison because she would drop her crackers for him to eat.

We also saw Cascade Falls which you can't see from any of the lookouts.

And we saw the standard upper and lower falls (this is upper).

The only lookout which had fence where we felt safe letting Addison get out was at Inspiration Point. Otherwise she just had a good time being in her pack.

Unfortunately, the hiking guide wasn't very clear, and so it was actually 3 miles one-way. It made for a long hike and we actually hiked back most of the way on the road. But we still had a good time.

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