Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cousin Hannah

Addison's 2nd cousin, Hannah, came to play today while her mom attended some work meetings.  She is the best baby!
I have been bringing some of our baby things upstairs since I finished painting the new nursery (pictures to come) and so I got out our bouncy seat for Hannah to sit in.  Addison let her sit in the seat for about 15 minutes before telling her to get out. 
She then played in the chair for several minutes while Hannah ate her bottle.  Hannah took about 25 minutes to eat and Addison doesn't have that much patience so she ended up going to her room, getting her Binky, blanket, and elephant and laying on my lap with Hannah wanting a song and some attention.
After her bottle, Hannah and Addison took turns playing on the floor and in the chair.
Addison was very sweet to Hannah making sure she had a toy, furiously swinging the toys in front of her face, and reading her stories.  She also gave her hugs, kisses, and tried to sit in the seat with her.  Through all of the "attention" Hannah didn't fuss once or complain.  Addison declared Hannah is her "friend" and we hope to have many more play dates to come.

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