Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fire Station

Last week Addison and I went to the West Jordan fire station with some friends.  She loved it!  The only distressing thing for her is that she wants to be one of the big kids.  She must have said "hi" to the boys at least 25 times when they arrived but they were too busy being buds to be bothered by such a little thing and probably didn't even hear her.  Soon enough she'll be one of the big kids - but for now we're happy she's still our little girl.

She climbed up in the ambulance all by herself while she was waiting for her turn to drive the fire truck.  She and Will are just a few days apart in age - but she didn't want him anywhere near her.  Every time someone came close to her or tried to climb in beside her she thrust out her arm and yelled "no".  I'm really hoping it's a phase because she LOVES to scream NO in any and everyone's face.
Here she is driving the fire truck and saying "cheese". 
And lastly, Addison got to try on the boots, pants, and fire hat.  She couldn't hold her head up by herself because the hat is so heavy.
We had such a wonderful time and can't wait for many more summer adventures to come!


Kara said...

So cute! She is getting so big:) Glad to be able to read posts from you, especially since I haven't seen you in FOREVER!!! I hope your doing well:)

Emily said...

Heidi--thank you so much for the updates! Addison has grown so much since we last saw her, it is great to see the pictures. I can't believe her hair has turned blonde!

Can't wait to see you all next month! May the summer adventures begin!

Tiana Smith said...

Ah, the 'no' stage. Right now Cam's going through a stage where he wants everything that I have. If I have food, he wants it, even if he just ate. If I have a book, he wants it, etc. It's almost scary reading your blog because I can see what is going to be happening in the near future!