Saturday, May 12, 2012

First MAX Ride

Addison and I went to Oregon for three week surrounding Easter.  Oliver was able to come and join us for an extended Easter weekend - but mostly he had to work.  While we were in Oregon, Addison took her first ride on MAX (like Utah's TRAX or a light rail train).  Here she is waiting on the platform for MAX to come.
In the beginning she was a little leery to get out of her stroller so she sat by Nana and watched the world and people go by.  
But it sure didn't take long before she broke out of the stroller and sat on a seat so she could see better.  My mom lives in Beaverton and we were headed downtown which means that we got to go through a VERY long tunnel that even has a stop in the middle.  Addison now LOVES tunnels and thinks that every underpass and bridge we go under is a tunnel and she points out everyone she sees.

We had a great time downtown having lunch with Aunt Suz and then riding all the escalators and Pioneer Place before heading back home on MAX.  

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