Friday, May 4, 2012

Creative Genius of the Year

Blogger changed in my abscence from blogging (because google can't help but change all their applications all the time.  I don't feel like I can do anything anymore and until my friend Kirsten write a tutorial about using this new one (or being able to revert back) I feel a little stuck.  But some pictures poorly formatted are better than none at all.  So excuse the remedial look of my blog post today (hopefully you are reading out of a reader and couldn't care less).

At Easter I won the creative genius of the year award when it comes to decorating eggs (and I would like to thank Pinterest for making it all possible).  Dying Easter eggs with children from 1-8 was AWESOME!  No eggs slipping off spoons, or silly bendy metal cheap wire, no dye on fingers, and no frustration from independent kids that just wanted to do it on their own and kept yelling "no touch".  (Note to self: Dye Easter eggs earlier in the day next year when it isn't bedtime and there is a little more patience to be had.)

Here are Suz and I getting everything ready (Addison's cousins, Aiden (4) and Alec (8), belong to her).
 And here is the magical aparatus used to make all egg dying the biggest success ever - WHISKS!

* I don't have Suz's permission to make her children blog superstars so I won't be posting their pictures on my blog until I check with her first. 

We used both wire and silicone whisks and they worked magically well, could be dipped in multiple colors, and allowed Addison to dye eggs all by herself!  She is very independent and would barely let us hold onto the base of her mug so it wouldn't tip over.  It was a smashing success and I am still appaulding my genius!

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kirsten.brooke said...

1) Leave it to Pinterest to make all of us feel like everyday geniuses.

2) I really should write some updated tutorials!